Attention, sale! When ordering «Music Collection» recycled cassettes starting from 30 copies one tape with two stickers will cost 90RUR. Recording without replacing the tape is also possible. Details »

Now we offer endless loop tapes, available length options are 10, 30, 60 seconds, 2, 5, 8 minutes.

Our padprinting machine is back and ready to fulfil your printing fantasies!

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Shelves for audio cassettes! For 100 and 150 tapes. 2700 and 3200 roubles respectively.

(The price without assembly, ask for the prices of assembled items.) Shelves for a different number of tapes can be made to order.

We have mastered new pad printing equipment, thus lowering the printing cost as well as making possible to print over the whole cassette surface. Now the price doesn't depend on the number of imprints, and the way to creative cassette designs is open wide.

We have launched the English version of the site!

New cassettes: orange and ECP with red guides (recycled):

Yellow and light grey cassettes are available again:

New! Sepia boxes for 15 RUR!


GoTape: audio cassette production and recording

Audio cassette production and recording


Below the table see important technical notes and links to the layout templates!

Prices for 2018

Cassette prices (except for ECP Bulk C-40, C-46) depend on tape length. The table shows prices in Russian roubles for a recorded cassette of 21-40 min. If the tape length is less than 21 min., subtract 3 RUR. If the length is 41-60 min., add 5 RUR, for 61-80 min. - 10 RUR, for 81-100 min. - 15 RUR. The exact price can be found using calculator.

NB! Tape length is calculated as the length of the longer side increased by 30 sec. and multiplied by 2. Thus, if the longest side of the master record is 30 min., a C-61 cassette (61 min. total length = (30 min. + 30 sec)*2) is required.

Please upload your master files as 2 tracks, one per side: A.wav and B.wav. Joining separate tracks into master files - from 300 RUR, depending on complexity.

If the tapes are ordered without recording, the price is reduced by 10 roubles.

<50 pcs50-99 pcs>100 pcs
Сassettes without screws (Italy)11010095
Сassettes with screws (Italy)120110105
Glitter and two-colour cassettes130120115
Golden/silver cassettes300300300
MK cassettes (Russia)909080
MK-60 recycled cassettes909090
Blank TYPE II (chrome) < C-60150150150
Blank TYPE II (chrome) > C-60170170170
Transparent and coloured boxes (Italy)454545
Double boxes (Italy)707070
Triple boxes (Italy)858585
Shrink wrap15107

It is possible to wind up to 110 min. of tape into some kinds of cassettes shells (C-0), ask for the prices and possibility.

NB! Not all desired tapes are always available, shipping of the coloursa ordered can take up to 4 weeks. Please plan your releases in advance! See which cassettes and boxes are available in the catalogue.

NB! Minimum print run is 20 cassettes, but we are ready to make even less copies upon special request.

NB! A print run can include cassettes and boxes of different colours.

Production term, in the case of all required cassettes and files being present: 2 weeks.

Endless loop tapes

Pad printing (on the cassette shell)

For print runs up to 100 copies:

Cover artwork

Digital printing. Offset printing is possible upon a preliminary agreement.

Look here for templates and examples.

If non-standard packaging or special templates are desired, please contact us via email.


Printing a 2-sided cover on glossy or normal paper of 130 g/m2 density (possible densities are 80, 100, 150, 170, 200, 250 и 300 g/m2).


Printing of 2 stickers: 22 RUR.

Glossy/mat film, thickness 0,08/0,10 mm.

Printing stickers of other sizes is possible (as inserts for cassette boxes etc.).

Slipcase for box or cassette

Coated glossy cardboard 300 g/m2 by default.

4+0 (2+0) one-sided printing:

0-20 1500+5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
21-50 2000+5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
51-80 3000+5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
81-1003500+5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece


Coated glossy cardboard 300 g/m2 by default.

4+0 (2+0) one-sided printing:

0-20 1800 (ask first)+5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
21-502200 +5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
51-803200 +5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
81-1004000 +5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece

4+4 (2+2) two-sided printing:

0-20 3000 (ask first)+5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
21-50 3500 +5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
51-80 5000 +5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece
81-1006000 +5 RUR per piece +10 RUR per piece


Image embossment on paper or cardboard: the embossed image can be filled with paint, with foil of different colours or stay colourless.

Stamp for embossment 40mm*40mm: 2000 RUR. Full price depends on number of copies, colour, stamp size and implementation options.


Master files are accepted in WAV or MP3 format (44.1 или 48 kHz), 16/24/32 bits, stereo. Before recording on tape we check the phonogram and make premastering if needed. You can always check the master tracks by sending them to us in advance.

NB! Remember that for different types of shells there may be different sticker templates: at the moment, the Classic Sticker template is recommended for use with golden, silver, black with screws, ECP bulk and recycle cassettes; the Sticker With Angles Cut template is for use with apricot cassettes; the Sticker Wide template is for all other types of shells. If you're not sure which template is suitable for you, you can always consult us on this question.

We expect the files for printing to be preferably in AI, EPS or PDF formats. Preparing the layout use CMYK colour scheme and do not forget to convert all the fonts into curves and add bleed margins (3 mm). Cutting and bending lines are not required (they can be added, but in a separate layer).

NB! Please place the text and important graphical elements no closer than in 2 mm from the cutting line, since the cutter's precision is 1-2 mm.

Layout and design services are discussed individually.