Our padprinting machine is going for maintenance till September, but because of this we prolong summer padprinting offer for two months, till November.
Also we prolong till November the other summer offer &mdash Italian coloured tapes (4 colours) starting from 80 roubles for a piece.

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All summer 2018 we do pad printing with 30% discount: 2000RUR for 2 sides, 1500 for 1 side!

Attention! Sale!
Chrome Type II cassettes for the price of standard ferric Type I!

Transparent chrome cassette

Shelves for audio cassettes! For 100 and 150 tapes. 2700 and 3200 roubles respectively.

(The price without assembly, ask for the prices of assembled items.) Shelves for a different number of tapes can be made to order.

We have mastered new pad printing equipment, thus lowering the printing cost as well as making possible to print over the whole cassette surface. Now the price doesn't depend on the number of imprints, and the way to creative cassette designs is open wide.

We have launched the English version of the site!

New cassettes: orange and ECP with red guides (recycled):

Yellow and light grey cassettes are available again:

New! Sepia boxes for 15 RUR!


GoTape: audio cassette production and recording

Audio cassette production and recording

Sales and discounts

We still do pad printing with 30% discount: 2000RUR for 2 sides, 1500 for 1 side!

GoTape pad printing summer 2018 discount

When ordering transparent Type II (chrome) BULK tapes starting from 10 pcs. one cassette up to 60 min. will cost only 100 roubles.

Transparent chrome cassette

Maximum tape length: 90 min. Tapes from 60 to 90 min. will cost 110 RUR.

Cassette shells have chrome tape detection notches. Chrome tape produced in Mexico can be used with both cassette portastudios and home equipment.

Chrome tape recording is also possible for 60RUR per tape if the tape length does not exceed 60 min., +1RUR for each additional minute. Production terms are discussed individually.