GoTape winds blank audio cassettes of desired length and does audio cassette duplication. You can choose tape length (up to 90 minutes), colour of tapes and boxes, order covers, stickers and printing on the cassette shell. For compilations and box sets we offer double and triple cassette boxes. We are located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and deliver orders via Russian Post. The price list can be found here.



Despite the coronavirus, new stock of cassettes, norelco boxes and magnetic tape has arrived.

“Tape crisis” is over, now reliable cassette tape manufacturers exist in USA, Europe and Asia.

Due to the pandemic we accept and process orders remotely, turnaround time may be extended (still we try to complete orders in two weeks).

We ship parcels once a week, please enquire how postal services work in your region.

We announce a new feature: direct UV-printing on the cassette shell. It really looks great! Check here.

New page on our site — Printing, find layouts for inlays, stickers and other printing materials there.


New cassettes available!

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GoTape: audio cassette production and recording

Audio cassette production and recording

Printing: UV Printing

Now full-coloured printing on the cassette body is available. Direct UV-printing is used to achieve this, when applied paint is polymerized by ultraviolet light. As a layout we accept raster images of no less than 300 dpi resolution.




The price for UV printing is 100RUR per tape (two sides).